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Solar Power Trend In Chile
Nov 16 , 2022

In 2022 Chile produced about 18% of its electricity from solar power, up from 7% in 2018. Chile produces the highest percentage of its electricity from solar in the world. As of year end 2018, it had 2137 MW of solar PV capacity. In July 2020 installed solar capacity had risen to 3104 MW, with another 2801 MW under construction.At the end of 2021 Chile was ranked 22nd in the world in terms of installed solar energy (4.4 GW).

Northern Chile has the highest solar incidence in the world. In October 2015 Chile's Ministry of Energy announced its "Roadmap to 2050: A Sustainable and Inclusive Strategy", which planned for 19% of the country's electricity to be from solar energy, 23% wind power, and 29% hydroelectric power

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